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The Faculty of Transportation Sciences is one of eight faculties of the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague which itself is a university with 300 years of tradition and European significance.

This year we celebrate the 27th anniversary of our founding, so we are a young, attractive faculty offering technical and economic education in a perspective field, a personal approach, friendly environment and a modern system of teaching in an attractive area of Prague’s centre.

Every year, the Department of Languages and Humanities at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences runs intensive Czech courses for foreign participants.

“If you decide to study with us, we believe you will be satisfied!”

Czech Language Course

The Czech Language Course is designed especially for participants who want to study at CTU.

The goal of the intensive one-year Czech Language Course is to attain the level of Czech necessary for studying at a technical university in the language. A good command of Czech at the entrance procedures (B2 level according to the European Reference Framework) is a necessary prerequisite for study at CTU Faculty of Transportation Sciences.

Academic year 2020/2021:

  • Winter semester    1 October 2020 – 18 December 2020    –    20 Czech lessons a week
  • Summer semester    11 January 2021 – 28 May 2021    –    20 Czech lessons a week

The maximum number of participants in a class is 16, (the class opens if at least 8 students apply). The Czech Language Course concentrates on mastering speech skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening comprehension), development of communicative skills (vocabulary expansion, idioms) and the ability to react in everyday situations. The participants gradually learn about Czech culture too.

As well as the intensive Czech Language Course, in the summer semester there is a supplementary training in mathematics and physics which form a part of the CTU entrance tests. The course´s price is not included in the language course price, those who are interested pay extra (other courses at CTU see https://czv.cvut.cz/kurzy-pro-verejnost/).

The extent of the courses gives the participants a good chance to prepare well for the entrance examination.

The preparatory course is taught by qualified CTU teachers using effective teaching methods.

At the end of the summer semester the participants take the final exam and receive a certificate of course completion. A participant who joins the course as a beginner can after completing all study duties attain the B2 level according to the European Reference Framework.

The course’s price CZK 85.000,- (3.470 EUR if necessary) covers the course’s costs including tests and the final test and basic study materials.

Notice for non-Slavic participants in the course:
In the Preparatory Course of Czech there will be majority of participants, whose mother tongue is in some of the Slavic languages. Logically the learning will be easier for them and their pace in learning will be quicker. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider carefully if you are willing to devote an increased effort and amount of time to study Czech for the entire course.


How to apply

  1. The total price of the course is CZK 85.000,- (3.470 EUR if necessary) including the nonreturnable registration fee of CZK 6.000,- (or 250 EUR; see below)
  2. Send the filled in application form [doc] to: veselkova[at]fd.cvut.cz. It is necessary to send the application and the nonreturnable registration fee of CZK 6.000,- (or 250 EUR) in the period from January 13 to May 31 of 2020 at the latest.
  3. We will check your application and confirm its reception by email as well as the reception of the registration fee.
  4. Then you will make the payment for the course of CZK 79.000,- (or 3.220 EUR; the registration fee has been already paid together with the application) by 19 June 2020 at the latest.
  5. Please, send a copy of the payment order both for the registration fee and the course to this email address: veselkova[at]fd.cvut.cz.
    1. After the payment has reached the CTU account, you will receive an email confirmation of the course and within a week we will send you an official letter confirming your joining the course.
    2. The CTU dormitory confirmation can be easily processed at the website: https://www.suz.cvut.cz/en/rezr.

These basic documents are necessary for getting the Czech long-term visa.

Payment of the course in Czech Crowns:
Send both payments to the CTU account:
Account number: 19-3322370227/0100 KB
Variable symbol: 8202001
IBAN: CZ63 0100 0000 1933 2237 0227

When paying, please do not forget to fill in the variable symbol and write your first name and surname and the purpose of the payment into the message for beneficiary.


Language courses:

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